Application Process.

 University Evaluation Service.

Trinity International has chosen this centralised service to evaluate all students and all initial Enquiries. To make an enquiry and or to request an Application Form please contact the Team. Studied Degree Programs  by way of current programmes or transfer credits will have achieved with the following to Graduate.

Terms & Conditions

Your initial evaluation is free. We charge a small fee of $ 100.00 for a full evaluation based on the documents supplied. Documents must come from a reliable source, fully checkable and belong to the applicant only. We reserve the right to contact all referees and also the applicant's employer for clarification and or substantiation. Students /Graduates who wish to have their documents Attested Notarised, Dept of State and or Secretary of State and embassy legalisation must present original documentation as some Arabic Embassy will not accept copies . Embassies are a rule to themselves and no responsibilities or refunds of any fees paid to TIU or our Agents UES  are given if the embassy that you have selected rejects your documentation. If you cannot provide original documentation you can request duplicates ie new copies on paying appropriate fees (see fee page for each document required or requested.) Please also insure that you have paid the appropriate FedEx fees which are always listed separately  on the Apostille Request Form.


BA 120 - 125  Units of Academic Credits

Each academic unit is equivalent to 20 hours of class study or professional /vocational training

MA 35 Units of Academic Credits

 (Providing you have graduated at bachelor level or processional equivalent)

PhD 3 - 4 years of Preparation (A)

Any of the below options can be put forward for consideration


 Transfer Credits

(B) 100 - 130 Semester Units of Seminar & Class Preparation

 (C) 600 - 1000 Units of University study /research  and/or Community Service

Thesis or Dissertation of Substantial and Appropriate length

 Doctoral Candidates must have had their work Read and Approved at Professor Level



To apply for an Evaluation of your present status

 Apply online

Trinity International welcomes all students from the Arabic World to their Degree Program by study, credit transfer evaluation, or Validating Professional Growth Program. Feel free to click on any program from the program page. All description of courses, syllabuses are in English and all application and contact by e-mail must be in English.

Your CV

In your CV it is important to put your academic history of all courses and educational establishment attended together with results  of any degrees or diplomas held. Any short non-academic training courses or courses not completed with reasons  why? It is very important you put dates of when these courses were attended and at which institutions and address and or contact of school principal. Transcripts of Studies are very important but at this stage they do not have to be sent direct from the institutions to us. Work experience and positions held again with dates and contact details is very important as well as positions held and duties of that position. Putting in positions held without dates or contact details will be rejected as the Evaluation Team will need to verify what you say. Referees are very important. All documentation must have an appropriate English Translation to be meaningful. Please remember a CV or Portfolio that is well presented must contain valid accurate information with evidences and will greatly assist our Team to give you maximum Transfer Credits. Please TIU does not award degrees based on life experience and awards no academic credits for same. 

Trinity International is in compliance with transfer Credits  from Accreditation Prior Learning (APL), Accreditation of Prior Experience Learning (ACPL)

Trinity International is pleased to Welcome Graduates of the following Schools to our fast track EFl/TEFL Programs





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