1. Associate Degree level

TUIC250  Introduction to Management
TUIC251  Business Communication
TUIC252  Business Mathematics
TUIC253  Aviation Psychology
TUIC254  Air Traffic Control
TUIC255  Flight Physiology
TUIC256  Flight Planning Operation
TUIC257  Airline Route Planning
TUIC258  Human Factors in Aviation
TUIC259  Conflict Negotiation
TUIC260  Airport Systems Planning

2. Bachelor's Degree Level

Core Courses:
TUIC104  Computing in Aviation
TUIC301  General Aviation Management
TUIC302  Aviation Operations
TUIC303  Aviation Services Management
TUIC304  General Aviation Law

Electives 1: select 2 from -

TUIC305  Airport Planning and Development
TUIC306  Aviation Operations Management
TUIC307  Aviation Strategic Planning
TUIC308  Aviation Marketing Management

Electives 2: select 2 from -

TUIC309  Aircraft Flight Management
TUIC310  Aviation Public Relations
TUIC311  Aviation Safety Management
TUIC312  Aircraft Accident Analysis

Course Completion: Project/thesis
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