1. Associate Degree level

ENG001  Engineering Mathematics (Calculus I)
ENG004  Engineering Mathematics (Calculus II)
ENG006  Engineering Mathematics (Advanced Algebra and Differential Applications)
ENG102  Applied Computer Programming (Matlab)
ENG002  Applied Mathematics (Statics)
ENG005  Applied Mathematics (Dynamics)
ENG105  Applied Mathematics (Statistics and Probability)
ENG106  Applied Mathematics (Linear Algebra)
ENG103  Engineering Drawing
ENG003  Engineering Physics
ENG104  Engineering Design Philosophy
ENG201  Engineering Chemistry
TUIC102  Energy Conversion
EEL104  Computer Programming (Programming in C & C++)
TUIC106  Introduction to Flight
TUIC107  System Simulation
MEG007  Fluid Mechanics I
MEG015  Fluid Mechanics II
MEG122  Aerodynamics

2. Bachelor's Degree level

Core Courses:
MEG129  Mechanics of Flight
TUIC202  Aircraft Structures and Composite Material
TUIC203  Aircraft Structural Mechanics
TUIC204  Aircraft Automation and Integrated Systems
TUIC205  Aircraft Electrical Systems

Electives1: select 2 from -
TUIC206  Flight Stability and Control
TUIC207  Aircraft Flight
TUIC208  Helicopter Dynamics
TUIC212  Aircraft Handing

Electives 2: select 2 from -
TIAE106  Aircraft Power Plant
TUIC210  Planning and Design of Airports
TUIC211  Performance Flight Testing
TUIC213  Flying Qualities and Testing

Course Completion: Project/thesis
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