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Rector: Dr. Marie Bernard Boskey Dr. of the University in Business Administration Management Dr. of Social Sciences Dip TEFL

Dean of Studies Dr Leviest PhD, D.Univ

2. Academic Board Members

 Prof Dr. Francis Dessart Research Professor & Expert in Distance Education for T I U,

Dr. of the University in Distance Learning Research Development & Expertise, Ph D, DSc, Vice President & Permanent representative to U N O (ECOSOC) Web Force International (in consultative status with UNO) Vice-Rector Emeritus Universite Libre Internationale (Brussels) Full Member Russian Academy of Natural Science (Armenian branch Dept. of Philosophy), Delegate ARARAT International Academy of Sciences Yerevan.

Dr  Helen Coutelle  B. Theo, Ph D, DBA  (Consultant Advisor)

Prof Dr D Grunewald AB., AM., MBA., DBA (Harvard)., CPM

Prof Dr B Frees BA (Law)., MA., JD

Prof Dr. Mohammad Sadeki Dip. Ed, M Ed, Dr Ed. MBA, DBA Course co-ordinator for Arabic Students

Post to be allocated

Prof Dr S Grima B Com., B Com (Hon's)., MSc (Fin Man)., MSc (Accountancy)., PhD (Finance)., FIPFM., FDTMS, AFA, FIAB

Prof Dr Adel Budagher BSc (Mech Eng)., MA., PhD (Mech Eng)., PhD (Electro-Mech Eng)., MASME., MIMechE(UK).

Prof Dr J Potgieter  T I U Honorary Vice Chancellor BSc (Mech Eng)., PhD (Aviation)., PhD (Eng)., DSc, D Eng (Indus Eng)., PhD (Bus Adm)., D Litt (Adult Edu)., Pr DTechMS., R Des Eng., Pr PM., DIPFM., Hon FSSAM., Hon FABMA., Hon FAAIC


Professor Dr Peter Simpson Cert Ed, BEd, BBA, MBA, DBA, PhD, DU, FCollP, FRSA, CMgr


  Dr Mohamed el Guindy admin@ask-pc.com 


Professor Dr. Eric Adolphus Emmanuel Browne MA (Biblical Studies), Ph D, Dr. of Science, Dr. of The UnivTrinInt, Dr. of the Institute, Dr. of Criminal Psychology, English Criminal Legal System, Commonwealth & Caribbean Constitutional Law, English Criminal Law (Major), Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Major), University of Berkley, Diploma in Public Administration, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica


 Dr  Abraham  el Nasser (on the right) TrinIntUC@aol.com



Dr. Professor Kousoulides London Euro College

 Uganda and Africa 


 Rev Dr. Professor Odessola Jonhson Funs'o

E-mail:  rccgsa1@yahoo.com, odesolajf@yahoo.co.uk   odesolajohnson@hotmail.com




 Dr.Issam Elmaaroufi SM Computer School, Centre de Eureka, PBC Team Education Opportunity Overseas

3 Rue daraa, Agdal, 1000, Morocco


Professor Dr Adel Budagher Phd DBA Dr of University Dr Trin Univ
P.O. Box 15277
Kingdom of Bahrain

Dr Abd El Salam M Meligy
P.O. Box 2455
Riyadh 11451
Botany Department
Saudi Arabia

Prof Dr A Shreim
C/o Butragueno Abogadob


Dr Mohammed El Shadi elshadi@yahoo.com

Evaluation Office

University Evaluation Services, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom unievalservices@yahoo.co.uk