Credit Transfer Degrees

Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CAT)
Advanced Standing Credits (ASC) Advanced Prior Learning (APL) Advanced Standing for Prior Learning (APEL)
Degrees based on CAT, ASC, APL and APEL are well respected within the Academic Community. This is the way forward in most developed countries and has been pioneered in UK and USA as far back as 1968. The idea behind these moves in education is simple. When a student can demonstrate that they have the equivalent amount of transfer credits via their professional studies and exams and training and been equal to a university degree then they are awarded is made. However and this is the important part all documentation submitted must be authentic and from accredited sources and be verifiable by independent sources and referees. If not in English certified copies by professional translator is required. T I U does not award credits for life experience


Associate: $ 999.00

Bachelor: $ 1295.00

Bachelor Honour: $ 1385.00

Master: $ 1399.00

Doctorate: $ 1425.00*
Doctor of Letters: $1999.50
Honoris Causa
    Bachelor: $ 1075.00
 Masters: $  1125.00
Doctor: $1425.00
Dr of Letters D.Litt $1950.00
(This is considered the highest award in academic
 circles that a person can achieve academically)

Doctorate of the University: $ 1575.00


Degrees under the Validating Professional Growth Program

Validating Professional Growth  Program 
(V P G P)

This program is essentially for the able professional at Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral level who has a talented academic professional/vocational or business background and who wishes all their qualifications/experience/expertise to be considered for a degree award without further studies. You may apply for this programme if you are highly experienced and qualified with outstanding professional talents. Candidates who wish to apply for consideration under this programme should submit a portfolio with evidences of APL (all prior learning) together with details of work experience which can be verified. Under this programme all work experience, professional qualifications, awards, positions of responsibility, academic achievements, in-service & seminar training is taken into account. Candidates for the V P G P are usually those who can demonstrate they are professionally qualified at a high level in their field of expertise. Exceptional doctoral candidate may apply for this route and the usual dissertation or work project in lieu may be waived. Candidates who have considerable work experience in their chosen field but little in paper qualification's can also apply for consideration. Some examples of this seminar attended with dates, certificates gained, in-service training and memberships of professional bodies. Any awards or commendations including military awards and training, further examples are apprenticeship city & guilds, Dantes, voluntary work inc any training elements justice of peace programmes. Police exams minister of religion, nursing. This programme involves a considerable amount of time in evaluation and the fees reflect that. Please note if you supply documents that do not have an English translation you may be likely for a translation fee             


 Associate: $1395.00, Bachelor:  $1995.00, Master: $ 1999.00
Doctorate: $ 1999.50

Full Study Course Degree Fees

Associate 80 Credits: $ 2675.00
Bachelor 120 Credits: $ 4775.00 

Master 36 Credits: $ 3675.00
Book Fees: $ 600.00

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Fellow or Associate of the University

Trinity International University (T I U) invites you to become a Fellow or Associate of the University.

There are 4 Grades of Membership Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze click on the link below:

Fellow or Associate Application and fees

Studied Programme's

Validating Professional Growth  Programme, Thesis or Dissertation Route's

Permission must be sought for this Programme. The Reading Professor will be consulted and a proposed draft including title and subject matter approved. A work project must follow the same guidelines.

All Thesis and or Dissertation must be an original work of the student.

 There are specific details  for a Doctorial Dissertation  which must be applied Please email the university Evaluation Service for more details Please note you must have a Masters or equivalent before you can submit your work at this level. You must notify the university of your intentions and field in which you will or have done your research to determine if TIU have the academic staff that cover your field of research. All reading fees are the responsibility of Applicant. There is a reading fee from $500 -$1000. However if you have submitted your work to an Independent Academic or one chosen by TIU  and it has been approved at Stage1 there may be a reduction on above fees

 Bibliography Doctorate or  Masters  Approved  Thesis or  Dissertation, Work Project:


Doctorate $4500.00

 Masters $3500.00  

Optional Additional Extras *

Full detailed Transcript of Studies: $ 95.00

Student ID (provide two Id Photographs): $ 40.00 

Credential Evaluation Report: $ 295.00 

Replacement Degree fees

                                               Replacement detailed Transcript of Studies: $ 575.00 (evidences to be supplied by graduate will be verified by the registrar) Full Studies 
General Transcript Replacement $200

Replacement Degree $675.00 (evidences to be supplied by graduate will be verified by the registrar)

Replacement Credential Evaluation Report $195.00

(evidences to be supplied by graduate will be verified by the registrar) Confirmation of

Degree Awards (Employer, Education Authorities): $ 50.00

Courier $75

University Letters
If you want confirmation of your graduation status or the fact that you followed a course of instruction or was assessed under the VPGP or dates of
Studies or Accreditation of T I U then the fees are below
Letters sent by Email attachment $75
Letters by Mail $125
Letters sent by Courier( Fedex) $200


  Washington DC 

 Fees for Notary Secretary of State, State  Dept  of Washington DC Apostille

  Embassy Legalisation

Fees on Application

Payment of fees can be made by Certified Bank Draft,   Check, and or Credit Card. (UK Euro Zone only payment in Sterling, or Euros.)

Attestation Legalization

http://www.trinityinternationalcu.com/Embassy Legalized Docs.pdf


Refund Policy

The assessment  and enrolment fee,  are not refundable under any circumstances,

If a student cancels their course no later than 28 days before it is due to commence, the enrolment fee plus  30% of the tuition fee will be forfeited.

If a student cancels their course 28 days or less before it is due to commence, the enrolment fee plus 50% of the tuition fee will be forfeited.

No refund will be given to any student who cancels once a course has commenced.

No refund will be given to any student who breaches or fails to meet course requirements.

T I U will not authorise the transfer of fees to any other institution or any other student account.

If a student completes the course early or fast-tracks, the full tuition fee and materials fees must be paid before any certification is issued.

If a student extends their course, they will be subject to additional fees and those fees must be paid before any certification is issued.

Should T I U be unable to offer the course for which the student has enrolled, all monies paid to T I U including the enrolment fee, will be refunded within 2 weeks after T I U defaulting on the intended course in which the student has enrolled.

Students  who wish to apply for a refund should do so in writing and address it to the Dean of Studies. 

This agreement, and the availability of complaints and appeals processes, does not remove the right of the student to take action under USA consumer protection laws.