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Validating Professional Growth Programme:

We are able to offer you a variety of routes to achieve Degree Status. Full programme of studies at Associate, bachelors, masters or doctoral level. Courses can be modified to fit the academic needs, previous study or training of the candidates. Degrees may be awarded based on verifiable transfer credits V A E (Validation Des Acquits Par Experience) are available only to French Citizens or Metropolis Residents and issued by the Jury of the Bureau of the VAE of the Regional Academy where the candidate residence is. The candidate must apply directly to the regional academie office bureau of their French permanent residence, not to T I U.

V P G P Validating Professional Growth Program Evaluation of Prior Learning Transfer Credits available for students of all other countries. Trinity International does not include any life qualified experience transfer credits in any of its programmes. Transfer Credits are allowed providing they are well documented and verifiable. You will be asked to supply documentation to support your Application. The Validating Professional Growth Programme is where all your  professional memberships, qualifications, past study, academic and vocational awards together with all your work experience is evaluated to determine how many and at which level these transfer credits were  placed at. You may be advised to undertake further studies or submit a Dissertation or Thesis. 

This program is essentially for the able professional at Masters/Doctoral level who has a talented academic professional/vocational or business background and who wishes all their qualifications/experience/expertise to be considered for a degree award without further studies. You may apply for this Programme if you are highly experienced and qualified with outstanding Professional Talents. Candidates who wish to apply for consideration under this Programme should submit a portfolio with evidences of APL (all prior learning) together with details of work experience which can be verified. Under this program professional qualifications, awards, positions of responsibility, academic achievements, in-service & seminar training is taken into account. Candidates for the V P G P are usually those who can demonstrate they are professionally qualified at a high level in their field of expertise. No credit is allowed for life experience

P W E R: The professional work experience report features a combination of an applicant's education qualifications and professional experience using the “three-for-one” rule implemented by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). According to this regulation, three years of significant and broad professional work experience at a supervisor and or managerial level in the same or similar field as proposed degree may be substituted for one year of academic achievement in order to obtain a U.S. degree equivalent


Trinity International has chosen this centralised service to evaluate all students and all initial enquiries as to your education needs must be made through this service provider employed by TIU. You will then be directed to the Offices of a Course provider that bests suit your needs. If TIU cannot provide you with a course of study in your particular field they will be pleased to recommend to you a college or university that can. Trinity International works closely with institutions around the world.

                                                                                                                     Study Courses


1. Main Degrees   |   Additional Degrees

Trinity International offers Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in a variety of fields. There are four main fields of study: Aviation Sciences, Engineering, IT and Management. Syllabus information and online application is available for each degree. Please click on your field of interest below to reveal the degrees on offer:

Academic Fields                    Available Degree Options

These undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses have been specially prepared for distance learning purposes and are intended to fill the special needs for the university.
Students will be entitled to receive credits for previously completed studies at recognized academic institutions under the University's Accreditation for Prior Learning program.

Updated courses for all subjects will be available.

Aviation Sciences

B.Sc Aviation Science
B.Sc Aviation Management
B.Sc Aeronautical Engineering
B.Sc Quality Assurance

M.Sc Aviation Technology
M.Sc Aeronautical Engineering
M.Phil Aviation Science
M.Sc Quality Assurance

PhD Aviation Science
PhD Aeronautical Engineering
PhD Engineering


B.Sc Electrical Engineering
B.Sc Mechanical Engineering
B.Sc Construction Engineering
B.Sc Civil Engineering

B Arch Architecture

M.Sc Electrical/Electronic Engineering
M.Sc Mechanical Engineering
M.Sc Civil Engineering
M.Sc Civil Engineering (Transportation)
M.Sc Engineering Management

Ph.D. (Technology and Engineering)

Information Technology

B. Sc Information Technology
B. Sc Computer Systems Technology         


BBA - Business Management
BBA - Financial Management
BBA - Marketing Management
BBA - Insurance Management

B.Sc Aviation Management
B.Sc Financial Mathematics
B.Sc Mathematical Statistics

MBA - Accountancy
MBA - Administration
MBA - Manufacturing Management
MBA - Aviation Management

DBA & Ph.D - Management Sciences


Bachelor of Arts in English Studies & Literature


STB Course

Please note: Some of the degrees fall under different fields of study than their name suggest. These are the following:

B. Sc in Quality Assurance and the
M. Sc in Quality Assurance are listed under Aviation Sciences
B Arch (Architecture) is listed under Engineering

2. Additional Degrees

We offer the following additional degrees. Please click on the degree you are interested in to obtain in-depth information (PDF Format):

B. Sc Industrial Engineering (Electrical Major)
B. Sc Industrial Engineering (Mechanical Major)
B. Sc Agricultural Engineering
B. Sc Agricultural Science
B. Sc Agricultural Management
B. Sc Forensic Science
B. Sc Hydrological Science
B. Sc Soil Science Technology
B. Sc Structural Engineering
B. Sc Concrete Technology
M. Sc Forensic Science

M  Sc Financial Management


Skills for Care
Common Induction
Standards Self Study Package
1.Role of the health and social care worker
2. Personal development
3. Communicate effectively
4. Equality and inclusion
5. Principles for implementing duty of care
6. Principles of safeguarding in health and social care
7. Person-centred support
8. Health and safety in an adult social care setting
The Standards
From June 2010 there are now eight standards, but they will take the same time to complete and the core elements are still retained.

Guidance on the Common Induction Standards
The Common Induction Standards are a requirement and have been designed to provide a structured start for all new care workers in the first 12 weeks of employment. This is to ensure that they are safe to work while unsupervised when having the responsibility for the people they support. Managers have a duty to ensure new staff knows enough to meet the required outcomes in each knowledge area.

The Standards are mapped to the General Social Care Council (GSCC) code of practice and if carried out in depth can provides evidence of underpinning knowledge towards the Health and Social Care Diploma at level 2 or level 3 (they are mapped to the mandatory units of the new Diploma).

Skills for Care states that the effective implementation of the Common Induction Standards are a significant step towards the delivery of high quality care and support. This resource will enables care workers to demonstrate this. It provides recognition for their work, and prepares them for entry on to future training and qualifications.
 Information for: social care workers in the field of adult social care, care workers, nurses, home care workers, newly appointed care workers

Cost of Package including DVD Portfolio Certificates and University Diploma $600+Shipping

Please note university diploma will only be awarded together with certificate when all 8 sections are completed